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Wedding Albums

8X8 Lay Flat

20-Page (40 Images) - $225

30-Page (60 Images) - $325

10X10 Lay Flat

30-Page (75 Images) - $400

40-Page (100 Images) - $525

50-Page (125 Images) - $650

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Parent Albums Lay Flat

(2) 8X8 30-Page (60 Images) - $600

(2) 10X10 30-Page (75 Images) - $725

(2) 10X10 40-Page (100 Images) - $950


Ordering Process

Step One
Selecting your cover choice:

Step Two
Head on over to your gallery:

To select your images for your album, just hit the "heart" on the pictures that are to be included, its on the bottom right side of your pictures

Once you have all of your images selected, hit the "heart" symbol with the green dot at the top of your gallery. Then click on "My Favorites"

Please be sure to review all of your pictures, and when ready click the "Paper Airplane" symbol in the top right, and click "Send to Photographer"

In the message please include your Cover choice from above


Then you can hit "Send"

If you have a Parent Album to select for as well

When you're in your Favorites in your Online Gallery, Please click "Create New List", then add the Name of "Parent Album", and in the description please include the Cover choice for that Album and click create. Then you when you "heart" a photo, you will get to decide which places it goes! Once complete , please click the "Paper Airplane" symbol and click "Send to Photographer" and hit "Send"

How many Images do I pick?

8X8 Lay Flat

20-Page (40 Images)

30-Page (60 Images)

10X10 Lay Flat

30-Page (75 Images)

40-Page (100 Images)

50-Page (125 Images)

Parent Albums Lay Flat

(2) 30-Page (60 Images)

(2) 30-Page (75 Images)

(2) 40-Page (100 Images)

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